Home Buyer Flow Chart

first time home buyerHome Buyer Flow Chart:  

The most common questions of a first time home buyer is how to get started and what the home buying process is all about.  What are the benefits of buying a home verses renting?  I put together this Home Buyer Flow Chart to illustrate what happens in the process.first time home buyer

Step One: Decide To Stop Renting

how to buy a home  This step is self-evident.  We all know that acquiring real estate is how to build equity for oneself and build communities.

Step Two:  A mortgage pre-approval certificate will be necessary to make an offer and a knowledgeable lender will guide you with what you are comfortable with verses what you can afford.

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marty patrizi home buyer flow chartIf you find you are not able to get a pre-approval, don’t lose heart.  Your lender can help you with how to get your credit score improved, build credit, and save money for the future.

Step Three: Hire A Buyer Agent

Why do you need a buyer agent?  There are many reasons the most important is as follows:  Sellers will have an agent representing their best interests and will not be representing yours.  Your agent will have the experience to guide you in the process and make sure your interests are protected too.

Step Four:  The internet is a wonderful thing for searching properties for sale and it can be a curse at the same time.  Your agent will know the market and the neighborhoods that will best suit your wants and needs and will be on top of all the available listings for you.  Search for homes like a pro for free with my home finder service => Find A Home For Me

Step Five:  You have searched and found a propertymarty patrizi realtor you would like to make and offer on.  Your agent will be able to help you research the actual value of the property and with due diligence help you write a winning offer.

 Step Six:  Negotiate Offerfirst time home buyer

Many folks aren’t comfortable with the negotiating phase.  This where your agent can smooth out the rough edges and remember sometimes the terms are just as important as the contract price.  If you and your agent are successful with your offer, you’ll move on to the “contingency phase” and if not, we keep looking.

Step 7:  Contingencies

Your offer is accepted and you are on your way to home ownership.bean group

Your agent will help you choose and schedule a home inspector to evaluate the condition of the home.  A good agent will also help you with all the necessary information to make a sound real estate decision.  If all is satisfactory, your lender will help you finalize your financing.

Step Eight:  Sign Away

bean groupYou’ll need to get the utilities switched over to your name and get to the closing table.  There, you will put your signature to about a hundred documents and try to avoid writer’s cramp.

Step Nine:  Enjoy The Benefits Of Home Ownership

Benefits Of Home Ownership