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raymond real estate

Rejoice In The Rejuvenation of Raymond Real Estate

Raymond Real Estate We hear on the nightly news how the real estate market is coming back.  Are you feeling it yet?  Some are and some aren't.  It appears that there are pockets of good activity but I submit most communities aren't feeling it yet.  … [Read More...]

oceanfront homes for sale new hampshire

NH Oceanfront Homes More Affordable $6,228

The Great Recession Sell Off NH oceanfront homes are very unique to one another.  There are seldom two alike.  In comparative analysis, there isn't mach data to work with in terms of the number of sales.  We have to bring in some intrinsic values … [Read More...]

Marty Patrizi Realtor at The Bean Group

Why Not A Buyer Client CMA?

Yep, This Is My Work What is a CMA?  A Comparative Market Analysis is a study of the relationship between the subject property and the current market conditions to arrive at a selling price.  This is not to be confused with an appraisal.  As a … [Read More...]

Dover homes for sale

Home Buyers Flock To Dover NH

Dover  NH Home Sales An analysis of Dover NH home sales over the last 8 years will give us an indication of were values will go with respect to the inventory of available Dover NH Homes For Sale.  New listings were fairly steady for the last 5 … [Read More...]


Hire A Contractor Verses Do It Yourself

Selling A Home?  It Has To Look It's Best When selling a home, there are many ways to spruce up the "look" of your home.  Depending on the level of improvements needed, you can do a lot of them yourself.  You might be surprised at how much a … [Read More...]

stratham home values

Stratham Home Values Gone With The Tide?

Stratham Home Values Looking at the data for Stratham home values based on sales records over the last eight years shows us that Stratham home values are hardly "down for the count".  The news is quite good in fact.  There is no question The Great … [Read More...]

first time home buyer

First Time Home Buyer: Buying A Home Takes Guts!

Stress Kills Buying a home won't kill you but stress can.  There is no question a first time home buyer making the jump from renting to owning is a giant leap and will cause stress.  Focusing instead on the fact that you have no idea what your … [Read More...]

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