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Ninja Negotiating?

Negotiating Need Not Be Adversarial The skill of negotiating is not one of bullying or making demands and then holding ground.  Skillful negotiating involves give and take.  The art of negotiating is understanding what is of value to you and to the … [Read More...]

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Hire A Contractor Verses Do It Yourself?

Want Top Dollar?  It Has To Look It's Best When selling a home, there are many ways to spruce up the "look" of your home.  Depending on the level of improvements needed, you can do a lot of them yourself.  You might be surprised at how much a … [Read More...]

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Now Is Not The Time To Sell A Home In Dover

Don't Sell Your Dover Home Now That's crap!  Here's why.  Let's look at Dover homes for sale verses homes sold.  Looking at the data for homes sold over the last five years paints a picture of a healthy housing market.  New listings coming to the … [Read More...]

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Pondering Bow Lake Waterfront Propertunities

Bow Lake Waterfront If you have been longing to own a summer sanctuary or year round home on Bow Lake waterfront, now is the time.  Mortgage rates are at the lowest levels of our lifetimes making a great propertunity more affordable.  About 30 miles … [Read More...]

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Are Fixer Uppers A Smart Purchase?

Fixer Uppers:  Propertunities Are Endless Fixer uppers come in all sizes.   As a building and remodeling contractor since 1988, I've seen lots of propertunities.  Most of them are in disrepair as a matter of deferred maintenance where the owners … [Read More...]


Fishing For Foreclosures And Propertunities

Looking For Foreclosures? Foreclosures aren't easy to find unless you have a licensed real estate agent in your back pocket.  The Realtor's multiple listing service does not allow foreclosure properties to be displayed as foreclosures.  They look … [Read More...]

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Why Not A Buyer Client CMA?

Yep, This Is My Work What is a CMA?  A Comparative Market Analysis is a study of the relationship between the subject property and the current market conditions to arrive at a selling price.  This is not to be confused with an appraisal.  As a … [Read More...]

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